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The Daily Alta California publication office building, San Francisco
View of the three-story building where the Daily Alta California Newspaper's publication office was located. A man stands at the…

David head (Michelangelo)
David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created in marble between 1501 and 1504 by the Italian artist Michelangelo. David is…

The HOLY BIBLE in Sanskrit (devanagari)
This edition is in Devanagari script and is based on the Sanskrit translation of the Holy Bible published by Calcutta Baptist Missionaries…

Moby-Dick; or, The Whale is an 1851 novel by American writer Herman Melville. The book is sailor Ishmael's narrative of the obsessive…

The Last Supper
The Last Supper Restored - Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci Vitruve Luc Viatour
This image demonstrates the blend of mathematics and art during the Renaissance and demonstrates Leonardo's deep understanding of…

Adams' Illustrated Panorama of History.
A truly monumental achievement, this is Adams' Illustrated Panorama of History. Measuring some 27 inches high and 260 inches long,…

Medicine Bundle Bowl and Bag
Mrs. Green Rainbow, Winnebago, NE; Sterling Whitesnake, Winnebago, NE., until 1964; James Howard, Oklahoma, 1964–ca. 1976; Ralph…

Snow at Argenteuil
Snow at Argenteuil (French: Rue sous la neige, Argenteuil) is an oil-on-canvas landscape painting from the Impressionist artist…

Opening of the States General - 你好吗?后天我会上英语音乐剧训练课程。
Prinsjesdag ( Prince's Day): - Medium shot of the royal carriage with cavalry men, closed carriage and the Golden Carriage moving…

CW Leo
A runaway star, plowing through the depths of space and piling up interstellar material before it, can be seen in this ultraviolet…

Leonardo da Vinci Zeichnung - Böses Denken ist Neid oder Undankbarkeit
Leonardo da Vincis Illustration zu seinem Ausspruch “Böses Denken ist Neid oder Undankbarkeit”

William Faden. Composite Mediterranean. 1785
(Composite of) A map of the Mediterranean Sea with the adjacent regions and seas in Europe, Asia and Africa. By William Faden, Geographer…

City Lights 2012 - Flat map
Composite view of Earth at night from the Suomi NPP satellite in polar orbit 512 miles above the surface, from April 18, over nine…

Preparing Medicine from Honey", from a Dispersed Manuscript of an Arabic Translation of De Materia Medica of Dioscorides
One of the most influential medical treatises handed down to Muslims was De Materia Medica, by a first-century b.c. Greek physician…