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Medicine Bundle Bowl and Bag
Mrs. Green Rainbow, Winnebago, NE; Sterling Whitesnake, Winnebago, NE., until 1964; James Howard, Oklahoma, 1964–ca. 1976; Ralph…

Snow at Argenteuil
Snow at Argenteuil (French: Rue sous la neige, Argenteuil) is an oil-on-canvas landscape painting from the Impressionist artist…

Opening of the States General - 你好吗?后天我会上英语音乐剧训练课程。
Prinsjesdag ( Prince's Day): - Medium shot of the royal carriage with cavalry men, closed carriage and the Golden Carriage moving…

The Daily Alta California publication office building, San Francisco
View of the three-story building where the Daily Alta California Newspaper's publication office was located. A man stands at the…

David head (Michelangelo)
David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created in marble between 1501 and 1504 by the Italian artist Michelangelo. David is…

The HOLY BIBLE in Sanskrit (devanagari)
This edition is in Devanagari script and is based on the Sanskrit translation of the Holy Bible published by Calcutta Baptist Missionaries…