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The government of the Spanish Republic acquired the mural "Guernica" from Picasso in 1937. When World War II broke out, the artist…

Interview with Joseph Tyler Gayheart, May 28, 2010
Tyler Gayheart joined the Marine Corps after graduating from high school. In this interview, Gayheart discusses growing up, his…

Mercury's North Polar Region Acquired By The Arecibo Observatory
A radar image of Mercury's north polar region acquired by the Arecibo Observatory. Yellow areas denote regions of high radar reflectivity.…

Symphony No. 40 (Molto allegro)
The date of completion of this symphony is known exactly, since Mozart in his mature years kept a full catalog of his completed…

Winsor McCay - Dream of the Rarebit Fiend 1910-08-21
Dream of the Rarebit Fiend comic strip by Winsor McCay for August 21, 1910.